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Pacific Linen Napkin

Pacific Linen Napkin


Pacific Napkin, Natural.
These beautiful napkins are brand new to Hilda Living's growing range of tableware products. They are the perfect tabletop accessory for entertaining friends or hosting a party in style. The napkin features a single embroidered motif of ferns in the top right hand corner of the napkin. The embroidery detail is a natural colour thread which creates a subtle accent to the colour of the natural oatmeal colour of the linen napkin.


As well as being highly practical, the beauty and benefits of linen goes much further:


  • 2-3 times stronger and smoother than cotton fabric.
  • Anti-cling and anti-static
  • Store homemade bread in greaseproof paper and then wrap in linen to help it stay fresh longer
  • Quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture – acts like a cooling system (Can absorb 1/5 of its weight before feeling damp)

(*notes from TexereSilk)

  • Info

    • 100% Linen
    • The Pacific napkin is (prewashed) and is 100% linen. These napkins are luxuriously soft to touch due to the prewashed finish. We also offer the same product in calming dove grey colour.
  • Size

    50x50cm (approx.)

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