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We are proud to be a British made brand; setting our focus on good design, reliable materials and quality finishing. We take great care to quality check the finishing of all our products to ensure that they are made to last and be enjoyed by the customer. Most of our products are designed and made at Hilda Living HQ, in the heart of Cornwall. A small quantity of products (mainly printed goods) are printed and manufactured elsewhere within the UK. Our choice to source production and manufacture either locally or in England is to help cut down on carbon emissions and support UK based industries and business.


Rebecca's first love is drawing, which has been her favourite past time since she could pick up a pencil. An Art Foundation lead her to achieve her degree in Textile Design at Falmouth University where she began to explore combining her great love of drawing with a passion for textiles. Rebecca's love for travel, history and the outdoors inspires her collections. Having sold a part of her degree collection to the textile industry, the next natural step was to begin designing her own collections. The name 'Hilda' is in memory of her late Grandmother who was a textile enthusiast and often had a creative project on the go. Hilda's work was exhibited with the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace after she died. Rebecca remembers visiting this event when she was a child and being captivated by the experience. 

Following her degree, Rebecca was fortunate to work for a well known and loved Homeware business in Cornwall for many years. During this time, she worked to build and develop the Hilda Living Brand. 

Rebecca now lives and works from her home studio in Cornwall. 

Image by Mel Poole
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