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Image by Luca Laurence

I  set my focus on good design, reliable materials and quality finishing. Great care is taken to quality check the finishing of all items to ensure that they are made to last and be enjoyed by the customer. Designs and artworks are designed in-house at my studio, in the heart of Cornwall. A small quantity of products (mainly printed goods) are printed and manufactured elsewhere within the UK. The choice to source production and manufacture either locally or in England is to help cut down on carbon emissions and support UK based industries and business.    



Our planet is fragile and great change is paramount if we are to reverse the global crisis we face today. Sound, sustainable design choices and solutions need to be actioned in order to achieve this change. I am acutely aware that the textile industry is one of the main contributors to the problem, and so, I am committed and passionate about changing the way I operate right now in order to help save the planet. I have made my working environment more sustainable with electricity from solar photovoltaics topped up by power from a renewable electricity company as well as carbon offsetting with regular donations to the Woodland Trust.


My future aims and objectives going forward:

1. Living by the ocean, we see all too often, colossal amounts of plastic debris washed ashore after extreme high tides and stormy weather. The war against plastic is real and the horrifying affects are being seen right now. I am looking to completely cut the use of plastic in our packaging when dispatching products to you (our customers). Although our lampshades are currently sent packaged using plastic to protect them in transit, I am actively looking into eco-friendly options so that I can scrap the use of plastic packaging completely. However, the plastic packaging that we do use, is reused from deliveries we have received.

2. Where at all possible, I welcome and encourage the option to work with vintage cloth/ fabric, items or garments that can be given a new lease of life. To date, our fabrics are predominantly 100% naturally woven cottons and linens. Understandably, we currently hold substantial stock of these materials to allow for the multiple orders we receive from both our public and trade customers, as well as to keep overall costs reasonable for everyone. Our fundamental aim is to work with fabrics that are produced ethically with as low impact on the environment as possible. We have already started looking to source organic fair-trade materials in order to offer products, in the long-term, that are ethically made from 100% naturally woven yarns. In the meantime, we must use the stock that we have left but we do aim to make these changes as and when our current supplies run out. To save unnecessary waste, we use off-cuts of our fabrics from larger items to use for smaller items. As a brand we wish to make these changes not just because we want to, but because we must.


Looking ahead, we acknowledge that these aims and objectives are a working progress as I  make a commitment to achieve a more conscious and sustainable future for the brand; making well-made pieces in the UK with ethical materials. Furthermore, I want to continue to uphold my commitment to good, decent design that isn’t ‘throwaway’ or just ‘on-trend’, but items that are recognised for being beautifully unique and loved by the owner. I wish for our products to be kept and treasured for a lifetime.  

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